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01.03.2017 : ARPO Chimie et Technologie Sàrl

« The ever-increasing complexity in modern systems, the search for reliability and performance and the continuous desire to reduce production costs and dimensions of the products require a rigorous integration between the electronic units, software and mechanical systems.

KOORD Ltd. designs systems in which electronics, software and mechanics are perfectly integrated to achieve uncompromising performance.

KOORD Ltd. can develop complete solutions or intervene at a later stage of the product development to carry out studies and / or produce units that will be integrated into your processes, machines or products.

KOORD Ltd. is a company active in the following areas:

  • Simulation and modeling of complete processes
  • Concept and design of electronic circuits and mechanical units
  • Development of application specific control software
  • Rapid prototyping (electronic cards, mechanisms ...)
  • Small series manufacturing and setup of industrialization processes
  • Customer service, including support and project monitoring

By choosing KOORD Ltd., you can get the most from your product. We provide you with new and innovative solutions that allow you to optimize your system to meet your every need.

For designers and product developers requiring optimal performance, KOORD Ltd. is the ideal choice ».

To know more, go to www.koord.ch