23.08.2018 : AGEFI

CPA Group exploite le Vivier situé à Villaz-St-Pierre dans le canton de Fribourg. Créé en 2011, le campus industriel dispose encore de 4000 mètres carré de surface disponible. Il souhaite attirer davantage de jeunes pousses et de firmes - qu’elles soient suissesses ou européennes -, sans toutefois se fixer d’objectifs chiffrés. «Nous préférons la qualité à la quantité. Si nous voyons qu’une société ne peut pas s’intégrer à notre site - même si nous ratissons large au niveau des sciences de l’ingénieur -, nous préférons la réorienter vers un autre endroit. Nous ne cherchons pas des locataires pour avoir des locataires», déclare Nicolas Corsi, directeur général de CPA Group, holding qui, outre le Vivier, possède cinq entreprises industrielles et un incubateur de start-up. Le parc technologique héberge des groupes en mains de l’entreprise fribourgeoise et d’autres qui louent des locaux. Il compte 27 raisons sociales pour un total de 200 employés. Spécialisé dans les sciences de l’ingénieur, ses activités vont de l’informatique, à la mécanique en passant par l’électronique.

07.02.2018 : Hydrolina Sàrl

Hydrolina Sàrl est un bureau d’ingénieurs hydrogéologues et géologues fondé en 2011. Nous offrons aux collectivités publiques et aux particuliers des expertises et des solutions fiables et pragmatiques dans les domaines de l’environnement au sens large : de la géologie à la géotechnique, de l’hydrogéologie aux sites pollués et aux substances dangereuses pour l’environnement comme l’amiante par exemple, de la pédologie, de la gestion de l’irrigation.

Nous vous apportons nos connaissances scientifiques et nos compétences interdisciplinaires à toutes les étapes de vos projets publics ou privés:

•    Étude préliminaire: optimiser, avant-projet
•    Réalisation: projets d’exécution, suivi des travaux, dossier d’ouvrage conforme
•    Exploitation: suivi après exécution, assainissement, études et expertises

Grâce à 19 ans d’expérience du domaine public, nous offrons une vision transversale de l’environnement et des procédures qui l’accompagne. Pour en savoir plus sur nos solutions, consultez notre site internet

01.03.2017 : ARPO Chimie et Technologie Sàrl

« The ever-increasing complexity in modern systems, the search for reliability and performance and the continuous desire to reduce production costs and dimensions of the products require a rigorous integration between the electronic units, software and mechanical systems.

KOORD Ltd. designs systems in which electronics, software and mechanics are perfectly integrated to achieve uncompromising performance.

KOORD Ltd. can develop complete solutions or intervene at a later stage of the product development to carry out studies and / or produce units that will be integrated into your processes, machines or products.

KOORD Ltd. is a company active in the following areas:

  • Simulation and modeling of complete processes
  • Concept and design of electronic circuits and mechanical units
  • Development of application specific control software
  • Rapid prototyping (electronic cards, mechanisms ...)
  • Small series manufacturing and setup of industrialization processes
  • Customer service, including support and project monitoring

By choosing KOORD Ltd., you can get the most from your product. We provide you with new and innovative solutions that allow you to optimize your system to meet your every need.

For designers and product developers requiring optimal performance, KOORD Ltd. is the ideal choice ».

To know more, go to


01.02.2017 : ARPO Chimie et Technologie Sàrl

ARPO Chimie et Technologie Sàrl is active in production of mediacl and chemical product, outsourcing, distribution and import-export of medical and chemical products.

01.02.2017 : HYDROTHERMA Swiss Ecological Technologies SA

HYDROTHERMA Swiss Ecological Technologies SA is active in all clean technologies commercial activities.

01.01.2017 : SECH SA

SECH SA is a research and development company in the field of electrochemical energy storage solutions. Our primary focus is on energy storage devices that are characterized by high energy and power density, highest quality and reliability, long operational life, the ability to endlessly charge and discharge very rapidly, and stable performance at extreme conditions.

Our target is to become a market leader of advanced energy storage and power delivery solutions for the global marketplace. Energy storage solutions are used in in many markets, including automotive, transportation, grid and industrial applications. Here our experienced research and product development team designs and builds products featuring state-of-the-art performance for the life of the most demanding applications.

In order to achieve our ambitious targets, we build on a long-term network with worldwide experts and specialists as well as the most advanced suppliers in this domain. We are committed to continuous innovation through research and development to create and deliver unmatched products and solutions for our customers.

As an organization, we are dedicated to collaborate with all our partners to lead the way to a greener, cleaner and sustainable world with efficient, reliable and cost-effective energy storage solutions.

01.10.2016 : Enviroacoustique Sàrl

Enviroacoustique Sàrl is an engineering firm active in the field of environmental acoustics and building. We are specialized in protection against noise. As such, we perform acoustic studies or consultancy for private and institutional clients in the field of environment, planning and building.

Our main clients are architects and municipalities for which we produce studies that are required as part of applications for building permits or management plans. Backed by over 25 years experience, our company is able to identify the earliest possible critical aspects that may present draft and propose the outset the most appropriate solutions

11.07.2016 : Simplyc'it

Simplyc'it, is a company engaged in activities related to information technology and communications, including counseling, service, development and maintenance and commercialization (purchase, sale, import) equipment and software.

11.07.2016 : RJMécanix

RJMécanix, is a multi-service company offering quality service in the field of mechanical maintenance, welding and industrial piping. Founded in 2015 in order to meet the different needs of growing businesses and individuals.

18.09.2015 : Questions about innovation

Great succes for the first "States Generals of Economy" !

Last Thursday, Le Vivier receive more than 200 people to wonder about "Innovation's spirit versus crisis" during the talk hosted by Thierry Savary.

Read the article in "La Liberté", on 18th September.

01.09.2015 : Josef Binkert AG

The company Josef Binkert AG occupies 410m² in Le Vivier. Based in Wallisellen (ZH), working in machine tool, its goal is to offer a state-of-the-art technology, consulting, custom solutions and a first class service. Josef Binker AG opens its french-speaking Switzerland represenation in Le Vivier.

01.09.2015 : ELEFIL SAS

ELEFIL SAS, a french company specialized in machining of mechanical parts with wire electron discharge machining and micro-hole drilling. ELEFIL SAS create a subsidiary company (ELEFIL SWISS Sàrl) to serve actual clients and develop its market

22.07.2015 : Développement "réjouissant" pour Le Vivier

Read the article in "La Liberté" published on July. 22 2015 about new companies arriving in Le Vivier, Technology Park.

21.07.2015 : Développement réjouissant du parc technologique à Villaz-St-Pierre

Le Vivier, Technology Park, continue to grow with the arrival of several new companies.


Read the Press Release (in French) for more informations.

09.07.2015 : swenex, swiss energy exchange Ltd

The company swenex, swiss energy exchange Ltd, has open, on February 1 2015, an office for french-speaking Switzerland in Le Vivier, Technology Park.

06.07.2015 : De Laval

De Laval, a full-service suppliers to dairy farmers, has settle in Building 21 of Le Vivier, Technology Park

01.01.2015 : Hemasoft SA

Since January 1 2015, the company Hemasoft SA has settled in Le Vivier, Technology Park.

Consults the list of all our residents.


Our website is now available in English.


Available for rent industrial premises ranging from 100 m 2 to 1,200 m 2 as well as administrative premises ranging from 20 m 2 to 100 m 2 .
Contact us now for a customised visit to Le Vivier.

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In partnership with CSEM, we will be delighted to welcome you for a series of events on the topic of: "Robotics - Where are we going?"


We will soon have the pleasure of welcoming glass2energy SA to our Technology Park.

To find out more, read the press release.


We will have the pleasure of hosting the Startup Weekend event from 3-5 May 2013 at Le Vivier Technology Park.

To find out more about the programme, visit the Startup Weekend website...


For its third edition, Start2Match goes purple. Purple is the the colour of Le Vivier and Venturi, a brand new high added value technology park and start-up incubator.


This year we welcomed the Fribourg Chamber of Commerce to our Vivier Hi-Tech Park.

In the region of 800 guests got together for the traditional spring drinks.

After a tour of building C, at Z.I. du Vivier 22, which has recently been completed, we got together to attend a talk by the political authorities and heads of the CCF. This was followed by a conference and a lively evening.

Further information and pictures are available from the Fribourg Chamber of Commerce website .


One year ahead of its official opening, Le Vivier presents itself to the press.


Check the availability of premises in the three buildings at Le Vivier Technology Park. Choose the space that best meets the needs of your business.


You can now download the presentation file of our Technology Park, which contains the main information required about life at Le Vivier, the services offered, the premises available and much more still.


The winter weather has arrived in full, making working conditions on the site much harder. Nevertheless, worry not, as the site continues despite the weather and the deadlines will be met.


Just over a year ahead of the actual entry into operation of the new building, you can now contact our brokers to book your premises at Le Vivier.