Why choose our Technology Park?

With its dynamic approach and process expertise, Le Vivier is a new type of industrial centre, whose primary goal is to be considered the ideal location for any company focused on cutting-edge technology and innovation.

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Join Le Vivier

Joining Le Vivier means being able to rely on a structure whose development is strongly supported by the natural synergy of its residents. Three complementary buildings offer top-class facilities suited to various hi-tech activities, comprising a genuine industrial campus that promotes innovation. Le Vivier offers its tenants a host of shared amenities in order to relieve them of low added value tasks.

Are you a part of the medical or bio-analytical device industry, eco-development, microelectronics, watch-making, portable application production, or the pharmaceutical and chemical industry? Le Vivier is the ideal place for your business to thrive.

Le Vivier: a vibrant site

Offering not only modern infrastructure designed to accommodate the various needs of its tenants, Le Vivier disseminates a genuine lifestyle within its site: exhibitions and seminars are regularly organised on site, along with the opportunity to discuss and exchange technological and commercial expertise, access to a network that facilitates industrial development as well as rapid and professional support from the permanent team for businesses and start-ups that choose to move here. Synergies are the very soul of Le Vivier.